January Meet – Chester MC Hut, Llanberis, Snowdonia

Friday 26th January

Dan and Andy R were the first to leave MK after arriving at the hit they set off up the Llanberis path for the top of Snowdon. They spent some time on the summit being annoyed by somebody flying a drone around and around. Alan M, Jason S and David happened to meet with Alan W at the Montford Bridge café for breakfast. Alan M, Jason S and David left for the hut and also headed off up Snowdon via the Llanberis path. Alan W picked Daniel up at Bangor Station before heading to the hut and Snowdon via the popular Llanberis path (Bumping into Dan and Andy R on their descent). They made the half way station and turned around as the light was starting to fade.

During the rest of the evening the rest of the weekends adventurers started to arrive. Alan M, Jason S and David returned to the hut after summiting Snowdon just as the light was fading. Friday evening saw initial plans made, weather forecasts checked, plans modified, and then thrown in the bin as the weather conditions for Saturday sunk in.

Saturday 27th January

The wind and the rain drove most people to low level walks. Alan M, David, both Jasons, Andy R, Dan, Graham, Romi and Juan went for a walk to Aber Falls. Which proved to be a very muddy footpath indeed. Shane and Daniel both went for runs up Snowdon. Andy B and Matt headed off to Holyhead Mountain and the Anglesey coastal path. Alan W, Floyd and Alex headed to the Ogwen Valley for a wet lap around Llyn Idwal. They saw some brave climbers starting off up the rather damp Idwal Slabs. Shane went out for another run with Matt to the Lyn Crafnanrt Reservoir and Lly Gerironydd.

Saturday evening was our annual Burns dinner. Alan M had done all the shopping and was inundated with volunteers to peel and cut up tons of potatoes, carrots and neeps. All of them willing – not a single pressed mountaineer! Alan M and David were the main team for preparing the desert, Cranachan.

Dinner was ready, we all sat down and the Haggis was piped into the room with Scotland the Brave by the Pipes and Drums of the Royal Tank Regiment. Alan W recited Robbie Burn’s, ‘Address to a Haggis’, before the meal was served and enjoyed by all.

Sunday 28th January

The weather was dryer than Saturday it convinced another group to set off for the summit of Snowdon: Shane, Juan, Floyd and Matthew all successfully made it to the top. Andy R and Dan headed back home early; something about brownie points to be earned for an early return. David, Romi, both Alans and both Jasons went for a walk around Llanberis lake. With an exciting detour towards the end of the walk to view the Lonely Tree. Thanks Jason S we’ll treasure that moment and the Lonely Tree! Passing back through Llanberis village we just had to stop at Pete’s Eats – well it would be rude not too! Matt and Andy B headed off for Aberfalls and a walk to Bera Bach before meeting with Shane for the trip home.

Thanks to everyone who made this an excellent weekend. Not forgetting all the assistant cooks and the cleaners at the end. The biggest thank you goes to Alan M for all his hard work organising and doing all the shopping for the Burns Dinner.

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