May Meet – Petruth Paddocks, Cheddar Gorge

The weekend had an unpromising start with heavy rain during the drive to Cheddar and also on Saturday morning. 

Friday 25th May

After a rainy morning stroll through the gorge, Nick, Zoe, Allan and Lizzy had an afternoon climbing at Overshoot wall in the Gorge. 

Saturday 26th May

Saturday looked unpromising for climbing again, due to rain. Nick, Zoe and Allan still managed a late start climbing at Goblin Combe, despite a few slippery starts to their routes.

Gill, Adam, Michelle, Rachael, Lizzy, Floyd and Alex all walked along the Cheddar gorge walk, and were rewarded with spectacular views down into the gorge and over Cheddar village and its reservoir. Weather turned beautifully sunny, and everyone gradually baked over the 9 mile walk. We were rewarded at the end by handling a corn snake at a conservation stall followed by ice cream. 

Saturday evening passed pleasantly with everyone gathered in Michelle’s tent, with Alex providing entertainment, as a storm passed overhead. 

Sunday 27th May

Alan, Zoe, Nick and Lizzy climbed the crags in the gorge again. Passing tourists provided entertainment with Tarzan calls after Lizzy fell off the crag screaming.

Meanwhile Gill, Adam, Michelle, Rachel, Floyd and Alex all went for a walk around Ebbor Gorge near Wookey hole. 

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