October 2021 Snowdonia – Caseg Fraith, Ogwen Valley

After a year and a half away from hut life 14 members enjoyed this long-awaited trip to Caseg Fraith in North Wales.

Friday 8th October

Friday brought climbing (Alan M and Lee on Milestone and Bochlwyd buttresses/Alan W and Keith on Milestone Buttress) scrambling (Paul and Louie on a mammoth 6 route link-up) while Stacey, Tom, Dave, Victoria and Amaad summited Tryfan via the North Ridge in two separate groups.  Matthew narrowly missed the sunset in Llandudno but made up for it with a ParkRun and visit to Anglesey the following morning.  

Saturday 9th October

Saturday also saw the fell running ‘wolf-pack’ (Shane, Claire and Paul) hunt down a five-hour Snowdon Horseshoe. Victoria and Tom ticked off Snowdon via the Pyg track while Dave completed a solo mission through the Eastern Carnedds to Capel Curig.  Seven members went scrambling and climbing on the Idwal Slabs and nearby Griben Facet.  Paul cooked three large baking trays of potato wedges to welcome the tired and hungry adventurers back to the hut. Alan W produced a pan of mulled wine to warm & rejuvenate, later much wine and whisky was consumed that evening to toast a successful day in the hills.  Many games of Sushi Go (entertaining) and El Presidente (terrifying) were played.

Sunday 10th October

Sunday brought a 6am start for Shane, Claire, Paul and Louie for a quick blast up and down Tryfan.  Nine members made their way to the Llanberis slate quarries where warm conditions did not stop Alan M from Looning the Tube (E1 5a), while Keith, Alan W and Amaad enjoyed their first experience of slate.  Stacey, Tom and Matthew were rewarded with stunning sea views while bagging Moel Hebog. All in all a fantastic weekend and a big thank you to our new members who brought such energy and fun to the hut.  Roll on the next trip!

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