December 2023 – XMAS at Dinorwic

8th – 10th December

MKMC Attending:
Malcolm, Matt, Peter, Kathy, Alan, Dave, Gill, Loz, Greg, Kieran, Naomi, Neal, Nigel, Floyd, Alex, Stacey, Sophie, Juan, Shane, Lexi.

Malcolm and Alan were the first to arrive at the Karibiner Club hut. The hut is immaculately kept and one we would choose to visit again.

Naomi, Greg, Kieran, and Matt were next to arrive after a quick retail stop in Llanberis. Greg had prepared a handmade vegan supper with a delicious sprout curry.

We settled in for the evening with some beers and card games whilst we waited for the others to arrive. We were all quite surprised at how good Alan was at Cards Against Humanity!

The next day we separated for our activities. Juan led a hike with a rather blustery lunch stop, whilst Neal, Matt, Kieran, Greg & Naomi explored parts of the Snakes & Ladders course in search of some epic abseiling. Shane, Lexi & Sophie embarked on a run.

We all regrouped mid-afternoon to assist Malcolm in preparing a vast Christmas meal that catered to every dietary requirement you could think of. A merry meal and evening had by all.

The weather on Sunday was extremely poor. Most packed up and left mid-morning whilst Team Coville stopped for a round walk on the way home. Happy Christmas 2023 mountaineers!

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