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  1. Peter Coville says:

    Off to North Wales in early August for 10 days. Hopingto climb A Dream of White Horses

  2. peter coville says:

    Left Edge Route – Atlantic slabs Carnedd y Filliast. A fairly unique climb – very slabby, somewhat bold šŸ™‚ and a fun walk off.

  3. Alan W says:

    Tom on top of his algebra at Bamford (Hypotenuse!)

  4. Peter Coville says:

    Hello all – we had a great trip to Scotland in September. Yes the weather was variable but we moved around to make the most of it and knocked out some amazing routes. Some photos attached – Tower Ridge; Agag’s Groove; Cioch Nose; Savage Slit and Fallout Corner; Ardverikie Wall. I’ll organise another trip next year – all you need to come is be fit; be a competent second and have your own mountain walking gear. Peter

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