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This page is for members to post links to any of their personal activities or social media. We are a social and active bunch and would like to share our passion for the outdoors online.

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  1. Peter Coville says:

    Off to North Wales in early August for 10 days. Hopingto climb A Dream of White Horses

  2. peter coville says:

    Left Edge Route – Atlantic slabs Carnedd y Filliast. A fairly unique climb – very slabby, somewhat bold 🙂 and a fun walk off.

  3. Alan W says:

    Tom on top of his algebra at Bamford (Hypotenuse!)

  4. Peter Coville says:

    Hello all – we had a great trip to Scotland in September. Yes the weather was variable but we moved around to make the most of it and knocked out some amazing routes. Some photos attached – Tower Ridge; Agag’s Groove; Cioch Nose; Savage Slit and Fallout Corner; Ardverikie Wall. I’ll organise another trip next year – all you need to come is be fit; be a competent second and have your own mountain walking gear. Peter

  5. Alan W says:

    Alan, Dave and Michelle recently volunteered with the BMC Mend our Mountains initiative to clear some invasive Rhododendron bushes from the edges of Kinder Scout. They were working under the guidance of two National Trust Rangers. With their fellow volunteers they cleared nine large ‘rubble’ bags of this invasive shrub.

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