Social Evenings The club has an official ‘social evening’ four times a year. People come to eat, drink and share stories, discuss future trips or just to catch up with people they haven’t seen for a while.  It is a great opportunity for people interested in the club to come along, say hi and ask whatever questions are on their mind. Some people wear MKMC t-shirts, but if you can’t spot a group of ‘mountaineering types’ then ask at the bar and they will point you in the right direction. Don’t worry about interrupting us if we are deep in conversation, we love to welcome new members and will be happy to stop and find out all about you!

A lot of members climb and some can be found on Thursday evenings at Big Rock Indoor Climbing Walls (alternating between Kingston and Bond).  People start climbing from about 19:00 and are often there until closing time.  It is a very informal affair with some people climbing with a regular partner, whilst others just ‘rock up’ and see who is around.  Some members wear MKMC T-shirts to be more visible to new members – if they are wearing one, they expect to be asked questions but please wait for a safe time to do so.  That said, if you want to come along and talk to someone about the club then it is best to email and one of the committee members can make sure someone is available to stop what they are doing and make time for you.  We have a monthly social climb on the third Thursday of each month at Big Rock with a more organised tea/coffee/cake and chat around 20:30, see our events/trips page for details of each months location.

We are very interested in welcoming new members, but we are not able to train people to climb.  Big Rock (MK), The Pinnacle (Northampton), and The XC (Hemel) run regular training courses, and we suggest that you gather your basic skills via that route.  Once you are confident belaying someone on ‘top rope’ then we will try to match you up with someone of similar experience or climbing objectives for that night.  If in doubt email and we will do what we can to answer your questions before you come down to Big Rock.