Meet 2012 – December – Peak District Heathy Lea

MKMC Christmas Meet 2012

Friday 7th December – Sunday 9th December

Heathy Lea, an old saw mill on the Chatsworth estate near Baslow, was our destination for the weekend, and it turned out to be very popular with club members. This was a new, untried venue for our winter meet. It was advertised as having 12 bed spaces in the house and a further 8 in an outside barn, but the accommodation was really quite compact. Dan, David and Alan were the first to arrive on the Friday, and once unpacked went for a walk around the Chatsworth Estate. Kent and Simon arrived shortly afterwards, and after unloading the Quattro went off to investigate the local hostelries. Others arrived over the course of the afternoon and evening.

Saturday dawned very cold, but dry, and Barry, David, Alan and Dan set off on a walk along the gritstone edges of Birchens, Froggatt, Curbar and Baslow. Many other club members did a circular walk from the cottage to Baslow Edge. Meanwhile Kent, Simon and Alkesh continued their research of the local pubs.

In the evening Kent and his team did a sterling job preparing Christmas dinner. It was a tight squeeze getting everyone into the lounge, but we did it. Emma arrived around 9:00 pm after everyone had finished their Christmas dinner, but there was still some left. At the end of the evening people retired to bed – most in the cottage but Alan, David, Graham and Joanne volunteered to sleep in the barn and Nigel and Gillian opted to sleep in the comfort of their car!

Sunday dawned very windy. Kent had business to finish in the local. Mac and Ian went for a walk around Chatsworth Estate. Alan, David and Dan went to Stanage for a stroll along the edge and to say hello to Alex P, Frazer and Wayne who had come North for a days bouldering. Many others decided to make an earlyish return.

MKMC members attending: Kent (organiser), Simon, Alan, Dan, David H, Karen, Peter, Alkesh, Ian, Mac, Graham, Joanne, Barry, Emma, Nigel and Gillian.

Selection of pictures in Gallery

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