June – Beeches Farm Campsite, Wye Valley

We were heading back to the Wye Valley and Beeches Farm campsite. The last time we were here there was birthday cake, 40th birthday cake. For Alan W’s Trangia stove! Unfortunately, no excuse for birthday cake this time!

Friday 17th June

Dave, Neal and Tom arrived early afternoon and pitched their tents. Dave then headed out to walk part of Offa’s Dyke for a couple of hours. Meanwhile, Neal and Tom headed off to Wintours Leap to get some multi-pitch trad limestone climbing done.

While they were all out having fun Adam, Malcolm and Stacey arrived, pitched their tents. In the evening the whole group headed off to Tintern to connect to the Internet in The Wild Hare, oh and eat together.

Saturday 18th June

Adam, Dave, Malcolm and Stacey all set off to walk along the Wye Valley to Chepstow and back.

Neal and Tom returned to Wintour for some more multi-pitch climbing on limestone but, unfortunately, it was raining. Did this dissuade our heroic climbers? Too right it did, they headed into Tintern for Welsh cakes and tea.

In the evening our intrepid team went foraging for food. They hunted in fields, hedgerows and when close to the Abbey found their sustenance for the evening – The Anchor Inn.

Sunday 19th June

Saw Adam and Malcolm join Neal and Tom for more multi-pitch climbing on the south section of Wintour. Dave and Stacey set out to walk a loop heading north up the Wye Valley.

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