April 2023 – Hardhurst Farm

28th April to 1st May

We arrived to a drying campsite having lucked out and missed the rain. Heading to the usual spot we were happy to see Alan’s lovely gazebo waiting and ready to receive us. Tents were pitched and food eaten. Some ate at the campsite while others made for the pub. Shane’s electric car got stuck so we pushed him out to higher ground. We had 17 turn up in the end so I was glad to have asked for 20 spaces.

On Sat we split between climbers, runners and walkers.
Neal, Stu and Tom did a few early routes at Carl Warl and then joined Gill, Loz, Mark, Ollie,
Naomi, Alan and Keith at Burbage South. Later, Peter, Kathy and Matthew also arrived. We had a good day of climbing and even enjoyed some sun.
Shane ran Win Hill to Edale Skyline while Nigel walked Win Hill.
Most went for a social meal at the pub on Sat night.

Sunday saw the climbing group head for Stanage “away from it all”.
A larger group of walkers that included Peter and Kathy, Gill and Loz, Michelle and Nigel took the train to Edale and then walked Kinder Scout.

A smaller group decided to climb on Monday. Some of the party had to head back late Sunday so we were without the walkers. Climbing was at High Neb end of Stanage. We left early and got parking which was lucky given it was the first BH.

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