May 2023 – South Pembrokeshire –  An AI Shakespearean epic!

Upon Pembrokeshire’s shores, where sunlight doth reside,
A band of merry climbers did convene,
To scale the cliffs of legend, with hearts filled with pride,
And pay homage to Henry, the Tudor king serene.

From Windmill Farm’s embrace, their journey did commence,
Where Charlie and Peter set their tents with care,
While Kathy braved the downpour, her spirit undeterred,
To join their ranks, her climbing skills to share.

Penally’s cliffs awaited, with slabs so smooth and grand,
A reintroduction to abseiling’s art,
The sunbeams danced upon the rocks, a welcoming command,
As Rusty Slab and Ferrous Rib took their part.

James, Lee, and Tom emerged from far eastern lands,
To join the merry band, their spirits soaring high,
Rusty Corner, Pollock Diff, and Chocolate Brownies’ sands,
Were conquered with finesse, beneath the azure sky.

“While the Cat’s Away” they challenged, with a grin so wide,
Lee led the way, with Tom by his side,
But doubts arose, was it truly VS, or something more severe?
A conundrum left to ponder, as the tide began to ne’er.

A pub dinner awaited, with laughter and good cheer,
As stories of the day were shared, far and near.

Saturday’s dawn unveiled a sky of purest blue,
The rain had shed its tears, leaving sunshine in its wake,

To Stack Rocks car park they ventured, with spirits ever new,
Crystal Slabs and Flimston Bay, their climbing prowess to partake.

Kathy led the way on Flimston Slab, with Peter close behind,
Lee and Tom followed suit, their movements swift and fine,
Flimston Crack and Razzle Dazzle, their challenges entwined,
With Charlie and James in tow, their climbing skills did shine.

The Gadfly, a test of endurance, up the slab they soared,
James and Peter conquering its heights with grace,
While Tom and Kathy watched in awe, their climbing passion soared,
A highlight of the weekend, leaving an indelible trace.

Crystal Arete, a nervy slab, with gear both bold and high,
A final 5a move, an overhang to defy,
Charlie led the way, with James his steadfast guide,
A testament to their climbing skills, in which they did confide.

Sixth Crack, a pleasant diversion, not quite as grand,
Yet still a challenge worthy of their climbing band,
Charlie and James prevailed, their footsteps firm and sure,
As the day drew to a close, their climbing hearts secure.

With Lee nursing a cold, the rest returned to camp,
Content with their achievements, their spirits ever bright,
But Charlie and James, with one last climb to vamp,
Embraced the fading light.

“The First Waltz,” an E1, with moves both bold and new,
Charlie led the way, his determination true,
Dancing up the slab, with moves both strong and sure,

A fitting end to their climbing adventure pure.

Tom and James, the culinary duo, with nachos so grand,
Their recipe a secret, only shared among the band,
A taste of heaven, a culinary delight,
Their friendship a beacon, shining ever bright.

Sunday’s dawn brought changes, as the group did part,
James and Charlie ventured forth, with adventurous hearts,
To Mother Carey’s Kitchen, a venue of renown,
Where seabirds soared above, and crashing waves resound.

Saddle Head, a classic crag, with routes both easy and bold,
Lee, Peter, Kathy, and Tom, their climbing stories told,
“Small Beginnings,” “Forgotten Corner,” “Fel Gwyr,” and “Flake Quake,”
Their climbing prowess tested, for their own sakes.

Sea Mist, a traverse so exposed, with fingery holds so fine,
Peter led the way, his balance and skill divine,
An atmospheric experience, a memory to enshrine,
A testament to their climbing skills, both bold and sublime.

James and Charlie ventured forth, to Mother Carey’s lair,
Where Rock Idol awaited, a challenge beyond compare,
E1 5a, the best in the land, so they were told,
But fate intervened, a bird’s nest in the way, their spirits bold.

With patient James on belay, watching the tide so near,
Charlie reluctantly retreated, his frustration clear,
Yet the adventure continued, with “The Cracks” they did ascend,
A fitting end to their journey, as their climbing skills transcend.

The final day brought rain, a monsoon’s wrath unleashed,
But the climbers’ spirits remained, their memories enriched,
From Pembrokeshire’s shores, their journey now complete,

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