July 2023 – Capel Curig

Friday 14th to Sunday 16th July
It was a wet and windy forecast that saw 6 members head up to Dolgam Campsite near Capel Curig on a Friday.  Keith, Peter and Kathy were up there early and headed to Beacon climbing on Friday due to the rain.  They enjoyed the 20m, mostly juggy, overhanging 6’s for the afternoon along with tea and cake!

On Saturday Peter and Kathy braved the weather to walk up to Llwtmor and skirt Foel Fras on the end of the Carneddau.  Winds gusting 40mph and rain all the way down was fun but the rainbows and Blaeberries made up for it.  The rest of the group went to Beacon for climbing, tea and cake. A range of grades were climbed with all enjoying the longer routes and the large overhang plus a taxing arête route. Saturday night was pretty wild and the farmer had to get most of the group up at 2:30 a.m. to move their tents out of the rising floodwater! Neal lucked out as he only had to move his van.  Sadly this didn’t make for a good rest and most of the group left for home on Sunday morning.  Kathy and Peter had booked an AirBnB sometime before the Club trip was announced and were grateful for the solid roof!

However, Matt, Neal, James, Peter and Kathy headed to Holyhead Mountain and managed to get in 8 good routes between them ranging from Plimsole (D) to Romulus (VS 5a) in the SUN.  In the late afternoon, a few showers persuaded them to head to the RSPB cafe for (you guessed it) tea, coffee and cake before an easy drive home on the North Wales Expressway.

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