MKMC November Meet 2013 – Coniston – Lake District

8th-10th November – Lake District – Coniston – The clubs November meet was in Coppermines Valley based in Yorkshire Mountaineering Clubs Hut. The YMC cottages are close to the Coppermines Youth Hostel and the Barrow Mountaineering Club’s Hut at the back of the town of Coniston.
The meet was attended by 18 members of the club who over the weekend climbed, scrambled and walked across the fells around the YMC hut and in the nearby valley of Langdale.
Thanks to Bob, Shane, Graham, Andy, Kent, Dan, James, Fiona, Jason, Anna, Gavin, Ian, Josh, Mac, Alan, Martin, Chris and David. A special thanks to Bob for arranging the weekend and everyone for making it an excellent club meet.
A selection of photos have been added to the Gallery section
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2 Responses to MKMC November Meet 2013 – Coniston – Lake District

  1. Bob Stones says:

    ’twas a great trip, so lucky with the weather especially Sunday. Thoroughly enjoyed myself so thanks to everyone for their company.
    Roll on December.

  2. Alan says:

    I concur with Bob’s comments. The YMC cottage was really comfortable – almost too good for the hardened mountaineers that we all are!

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