April Meet – Hardhurst Farm, Peak District

Friday 27th April

Alan, Claire and Stuart set off early Friday morning hoping to arrive and pitch camp before the forecast rain started. While passing through Chesterfield Plan B was hatched to call in at Grindleford Station Café for lunch! Alan couldn’t resist carb loading for an active weekend and went for the chip butty! When the rain stopped it was off to Hardhurst to pitch camp. With the tents up talk of The Travellers Rest started, however, tea and cake at Outside Café in Hathersage won. On return to the site others started to arrive as the first arrivals headed down for something to eat and to plan for Saturday’s adventure introducing indoor climbers to the joys of gritstone.

Throughout the evening the rest of the team arrived pitched their tents and joined the gathering in The Travellers Rest chatting and planning tomorrow’s destination.

Saturday 28th April

Gill, Adam, Floyd and Alex set off to walk up Win Hill, just North of Hardhurst Farm. Michelle was keeping up her training for her Paris cycle ride and went off on a 30 mile loop around Peak District roads. Shane and Stuart carried on their training for the Welsh 3,000s by taking Bob and Sky* out for a run, and ran their poor little legs off.

The rest of us Lizzy, Amber, Alisha, both Jasons, Alan W and Peter W all set off for Stanage High Neb. At the base Jason and Alan went through how to protect an outdoor climb, the removal of runners and the other slight differences to indoor climbing. Jason S and Alan W then led climbs with everybody else following up and enjoying the introduction to grit. When the drizzle started it was time to warm up in Outside Café with tea, coffee and cake before returning to Hardhurst Farm. Some of us ate at the campsite and the rest in the Travellers Rest.

Sunday 29th April

There had been a little rain overnight so we left the tents to dry and went out to enjoy the day. Michelle went off for another 30 mile training ride. Gill and Adam headed home for a party. Saturday’s climbers Lizzy, Amber, Alisha, both Jasons, Alan W and Peter W were joined by Stuart, Shane and Floyd; we all headed off to Stanage Popular End for some more climbing. With Jason S, Alan and Stuart doing the leading there were more routes for everybody to climb. Everyone enjoyed their introduction to grit. Thanks to Jason S, Shane and Alan for their patience and encouragement for our new outdoor climbers.

* Gill’s dogs

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  1. AlanW says:

    Great to see lots of interest from indoor climbers venturing to the outdoors.

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