MK April Meet 2014 – St.Davids, Pembrokeshire, South Wales

Pembrokeshire – April 18th to 21st 2014.

First to arrive and got a good day of climbing in at Porth-Clais and Carreg-y-Barcud before Melissa, Mark, Jason and graham arrived Friday evening.  The campsite was very welcoming and with stunning views across the sea.

Melissa and Mark were happy in their warm campervan while everyone else enjoyed the first camping of the year.  Saturday was a glorious sunny day and off set everyone for a great days climbing at caerfie bay while injured Melissa went for a brisk 8 mile walk along the stunning Pembrokeshire coastal path followed swiftly by David ( David was actually already way ahead but Melissa is writing this!)

Whilst Melissa and David were racing each other around the coastal path the rest of us made our way to Craig Caerfai where we found some beautiful rock on atmospheric sea cliffs some high lights being me (Mark) having a meltdown on the beautiful Top 50 route of Armorican before finishing it with rested toes and Alan dragging poor Jason up the 2 star Orogeny by neglecting to mention to him it was an E2!

We were waiting for Cheryl to join us and left word at the campsite. Melissa and David after enjoying the somewhat pricy delights of St Davids joined the climbing group at Caerfai and then we all went back to the campsite to find a Norma no mates Cheryl who had luckily been kept company by the lovely owner of the site Ian.  We have decided that maybe we should have a MKMC flag so late arrivals can find our tents.

Sunday was a little windy and cloudy but did not dampen the spirits and everyone went for the walk along the coastal path down to St Davids other than Melissa who got a lift in later by Ian to meet everyone.  After commandeering the last large table in ‘The Bishops’ we all had a great time swapping stories, eating and drinking and being merry until David fell asleep and we all got a taxi back to the campsite.

We then went for the record of how many people can you fit into a 2 berth campervan and it turns out it is 8 including monkey.  It was raining outside but inside the conversation flowed and the bodies were warmed.

We set out on Monday to squeeze in a little more climbing before setting off home, we made our way to the Main Slab of Porth-y-Ffynnon. It was Cheryl’s first outdoor climb complete with an abseil in but with a little advice and encouragement she was soon at the bottom climbing her way out again behind her lead climber Jason. Judging by her enthusiasm to get back down and do another one it must have gone well after a few more great routes were ticked off it was unfortunately time to leave and head back home.

Thank you to the ladies for bringing the Easter eggs and a newest member monkey to our little group.  The weekend was a great success of a mix of climbing and walking and perfect socialising.

Alan, David, Jason, Graham, Cheryl, Mark and Melissa oh and urm monkey…

Thanks to Mark for all the organising.

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One Response to MK April Meet 2014 – St.Davids, Pembrokeshire, South Wales

  1. alan says:

    I concur, it was a brilliant trip. Pembroke is a great area and definitely worth a re-visit in the not to distant future.

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