MKMC 2019 AGM – Chair Report

Thank you all for attending our AGM tonight. Without each of you coming along this evening, on trips and to social events MK Mountaineering Club wouldn’t exist!

On your behalf I’d like to thank my fellow committee members for running our club over this last year, organising trips to the hills and mountains we all love and also social functions. Thank you Gill, Martina (who is stepping down tonight), Peter, Shane and Graham. I’ve also received emails from members expressing their thanks to all of us on the committee too.

Personally, I’ve not done as much with our club as I’d have liked to, I’m probably speaking for all of us there! However, I have managed a couple of firsts (graded winter climb , head touch descent & my first sport climbs). That first time untiring at the top was terrifying! Gill thanks for holding that fall. Keith thanks for holding onto Gill otherwise I would have pulled her half way up the crag!

What have we got up to as a club? Well….

Trip to Snowdonia Jason, Stuart & I got in a sneaky day at Windgather on the way up. Shane is Shane & ran up & down Snowdon, Glyder Fach & Fawr and Tryfan! We all got out on Saturday however Sunday saw some heading to the Beacon to avoid the weather while others showed Mother Nature MKMC’s not frightened of her! Shane lead a group of hardy swimmers down to the lake for a quick dip first thing.

Our Xmas meet was to the Yorkshire Ramblers hut for walking & the standard full Xmas feed. Not as well attended as previous Xmas trips.

Craisy Ferrith in Ogwen valley Friday ‘s early arrivals headed out to find snow to play in – and we did. Saturday saw members walking, scrambling & running before everyone joined in with the pealing, chopping, cooking, blending, eating & finally the washing up. For me the communal meal is enjoyable & very sociable. Thanks to all those who came along & made it a great weekend. Shameless plug only 6 places taken on next years Burns trip, see me after if you want to come along! Sunday was a walking day with Shane going for another of his wild swims – this time in Lyn Ogwen, while a group of us preferred to just walk around it.

Up to the Lakes & Borrowdale. Being so close to Scafell Shane & Romi went for it. Sprinkling Tarn was a popular destination with three other groups passing it.

Back to Snowdonia the Mynydd Climbers Club hut. Thanks to Graham for standing in for me as Trip coordinator. Friday saw everyone walking around a lake at some point! Saturday the two Moels (Siabod & Ellio) & Shane was Shame running 50km over the Carnedds.

Hardhurst Farm campsite in Peak District. Good weather saw us getting onto the rock for a bit of climbing – the first as a club this year.

Didn’t have a trip, it looks like Northumberland was a little too far for members.

Back to Hardhurst Farm in The Peak District for walking & climbing. We also saw Shane & Stuart completing their second attempt on the Welsh 3,000s; well done an epic achievement.

Shane organised a trip to Chamonix. Unfortunately, not as well supported as our last trip. Unfortunately I had to pull out as I’d been really looking forward to it.

Back to Pembrokeshire for some sea cliff climbing over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Was the Wye Valley & my first sport climbing day out. Most of us went climbing on Saturday & David did a really long walk. Sunday David lead us on one of his old walks around his old stomping ground. The site allowed campfires, it was great sitting around the flames chatting.

Chester MC hut in Llanberis. All five parties enjoying Snowdon via different routes on Saturday. Sunday the quarries was the popular destination for a walk, or run. The proximity of Pete’s Eats had a gravitational effect on most later.

A return to the Langdale in the Lake District, staying on the Wayfarers hut. Three parties made it out on Friday. Stuart & I met Ang, Kent & Andy returning from Stickle Tarn. We went up Jack’s Rack, then while heading over Harrison Stickle we bumped into Michelle & Dan. Saturday, saw five different parties head to the Langdale fells Bowfell appeared on two routes, Stickle Tarn on two more. Snow was found on the tops, or seen on the tops between gaps in the clouds. Some short days were arranged as five headed off to the Kendal Mountain Festival to watch films. Sunday saw another trip up Jack’s Rake and others heading home as the weather wasn’t as good. I stopped of in Kendal to have a nose around the Festival Basecamp (warning shameless name dropping coming up) bumping into Alan Hinks one of his sponsors stands.

That was the year in trips! I only managed to pull together one day out to the Peaks in August, must do better next year. The committee has updated our constitution using the latest BMC template and the draft is being voted on later. We’ve also documented the decisions and guidelines our club has followed for years. These are the rules that we are also voting on later.

You may have noticed a little emphasis on safety in emails from me this year? Well another BMC affiliated club has an incident which involved one climber at an indoor wall hitting the ground. They are now in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. The BMC insurance has made a large payout, which is why our membership fee is having such a large increase. Peter did email you all about that. This climbing game is dangerous please do really concentrate when belaying, don’t leave too much slack rope in the system & stay close to the wall. I just want you all to have fun, safely! If anyone speaks to you about your belaying they’re not picking on you – they want to improve your climbing. Sorry to our walking members about that.

Right, enough of the serious stuff. Coming up this year we’ve still got a few trips planned, January Burns trip to North Wales (see me); February it’s Yorkshire (see Gill) & March it’s South Snowdonia (see Louie). One of the first jobs for the new committee will be to plan trips for the up coming year. Keep you eyes on the website. Hope to see you on a trip this year.

I’ve lost my climbing Mojo this year, so have decided to take a step back and stand down as chair. I’m still willing to serve our club on the committee.

Thank you

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