Banff Film Festival World Tour

Gill, Tom, Bryce and Alan W were all looking forward to the Banff Film Festival Tour on Saturday 21st March.  Unfortunately, the screenings were correctly cancelled due to Covid-19.  A new provisional date is 26th September, but that will depend on the situation closer to the time.  This is the Banff Film Festival 2020 World Tour Trailer.  Here are some other climbing/adventure films to help while away your Covid-19 isolation:


Napes Needle – Leo Holding reputed to be the first recorded rock climb

Cemetery Gates – Joe Brown & Don Whillans two climbing legends on one of their classic climbs

The Wide Boyz Take over American Offwidth Climbing the training and build up to:

Century Crack – The Wide Boyz what they were training for

Behind the Scenes of The Dawn Wall


A Line Across The Sky – Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold go big in Patagonia an epic first

If that little lots has got you thinking I need to improve here we have two clips from the BBC Sport Website: Shauna Coxsey’s warm up and Shauna Coxsey’s core conditioning routines.

Mountain Biking

Danny’s Wee Day Out Danny MacAskill is amazing on his mountain bike!

Danny Daycare Danny takes a rightful second place to Daisy

Home of Trails – Danny MacAskill & Claudio Caluori

Banff Film Festival Vitrual Tour some of the typical Banff shorts and films.

Finally a trailer for Metronomic, a short film Alan W saw at his first Banff Tour.  The Flying Frenchies, get up to some completely mad stuff.  Check them out on YouTube.

 Enjoy ! !

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